Unplanned ≠ Unwanted

Unplanned ≠ Unwanted

An unplanned pregnancy does NOT equal an unwanted baby

THREE kids UNDER the age of THREE years old was not something we thought up for our future… but, apparently, God had other plans for us. 

Looking at that very faint positive pregnancy test, literally made my jaw drop. 

I was utterly surprised and confused, to say the least.

How the heck did this happen? (well I know how, but hoooowww?!) 

“Oops” is what we called it. (If this offends you, I apologize, but please read on and I’ll get to it in a bit)

My husband and I “planned” or tried to get pregnant with our first two kids. It happened rather quickly, which we were very fortunate with. We know so many people who have struggled to just get one positive pregnancy test and here we were with, yet another, positive stick in JUST three years! 

We knew we wanted another baby to add to our gang at some point, but this all seemed way too fast.

Although we felt so lucky to have another little blessing on the way, it didn’t mean it was easy or came without fear and anxiety. 

I mean, I was only 6 months postpartum AND had a two year old. I was also still nursing Jace and honestly wanted to do a few things for myself before getting pregnant again. 

Nope. Guess we were knockin ’em out quicker than “planned.”

It was a difficult idea to wrap my head around.

We did the whole “two under two” thing, which was a wild ride in itself, but… 


Holy smokes. That just sounded scary! 


We had soooo many thoughts running through our minds…

Is this even real?! (I honestly don’t think we quite believed it until the third prenatal appointment)

How? Just how are we going to handle this? Not even just handle it, but be able to give each of our kids what they need from us in their stage of development?

How am I going to chase after two little ones while pregnant?! That’s just tough physically. 

I knew I wouldn’t be able to work at all anymore, even if it was from home… Would we be financially stable? 

And to be honest, I felt a lot of guilt for not giving Jace enough of my time before another baby came into the picture. I mean, he would only be 15 months when the baby was born! 

We also saw how much of a struggle it was for Jaxson when Jace arrived, so these concerns were real. 

And everything was about to change once again. 

These types of conversations continued for a while and it was healthy for us to discuss our fears, doubts, and concerns with one another… But no matter what, we always ended up talking about how awesome it will be to add another kiddo to our family and how close they will be growing up. 

I’m one of 6 kids, so I’m all about the sibling bonding! 

We will ALWAYS say yes to a positive pregnancy test, even if we weren’t quite expecting or planning it. The benefits of saying YES far outweigh the cons of the NO. 

There is no such thing as an unwanted child. I believe that wholeheartedly. 

And we don’t regret anything regarding this.

Yes, it may take some time to adjust to the change, start back at square one with a newborn baby, and process any type of frustration, fear and anxiety present.

And that’s perfectly fine!

Give yourself that time and grace.  


So yes, many call it unplanned, oops, mistake, accident, etc., but it ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT MEAN THE CHILD IS UNWANTED. 


Not by me. Not by my husband. And not by so many others who also have had unplanned pregnancies or are hoping to adopt. 


The bottom line is, each and every human life brought into this world is a true gift. 

Planned or not. 

And each life should be VALUED. 


I think most would agree that a child can bring an unreal amount of love, joy and healing into your life and regret will be the least of your worries. 

Literally, I never knew how much I could love a tiny human being. 

They have my heart. 



As soon as I held my “unplanned” baby in my arms, our souls collided and it seemed as if the unexpected timing couldn’t have been more perfectly planned. 


From then on, I knew everything else would fall into place.


My heart continues to burst with love every single day with each of my children. Their life gives my life so much more meaning and purpose. 

We’re honestly so thankful that my ovulation was wayyy off one month, (haha-hence the “oops”) because we could not picture our life without our little Trey man now. 

And despite the hard work, sacrifice and daily grind that parenthood provides, we feel incredibly blessed to be called mommy and daddy. ♥

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♥ Jax