Must Have Items For Pregnancy

Must Have Items For Pregnancy

Okay mamas, I’m giving you the rundown on products or items that were a MUST during each of my pregnancies! As you probably know, being pregnant is tough on the body. I’ve been through three of them now so I get it. These are a just a few products that worked best to bring some relief. Hang in there!

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1. Maternity Belt

I highly recommend getting one of these! I suffered with severe round ligament pain and this seemed to just give my growing belly and aching back some extra support! 

See links below! (for purchase)

SKYWEE Maternity Belt

JILL&JOEY Maternity Belt

NEOtech Care Brand Maternity Belt

2. Pregnancy Body Pillow

Ok, this is another product you will NEED during pregnancy for a “good” nights sleep. Although sleeping through the night will be a rare event, this can give your body the support it needs to lessen how many times you need to flip and flop around to get comfortable. It takes some time to get used to, but it will be a life saver down the road! 


-May decrease back, hip and neck pain

-May decrease sacroiliac joint, pubic symphysis and sciatica pain

-Helps keep your spine and pelvis in optimal alignment 

Style Option 1


I personally used this one: U Shaped Total Body Pillow by Moonlight

Here’s another one similar to the style with great reviews and little less pricey! 

U Shaped Full Pregnancy Pillow by Milliard

Style Option 2

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow by PharMeDoc

Things to consider when choosing the one best for you:

  • Material of pillow
  • Firmness 
  • Removable and washable covers 
  • Size (be prepared these are usually quite large)
  • Price 
  • Durability (think about how many times you plan to be pregnant and will need it) 

3. Quality shoes

How many times have you worn the most uncomfortable pair of shoes just because they’re cute? 

Yep, I’m guilty too… 

Well, during pregnancy, it’s probably not the best time to wear those. Your body’s already working overtime to grow a tiny human, which is probably accompanied by sore and swollen feet too. Well-supported arches can help prevent feet, calf and even back pain during pregnancy. So go spoil yourself with pair of quality shoes ladies! I mean, who doesn’t love shoe shopping? You deserve it!

Brown sandals in photo from (Super comfy and perfect for summer!) 

Two more recommendations: 

1. Get removable shoe inserts. These are great because you can make all of your shoes comfy and supportive!

2. Invest in well-cushioned slippers for around the house. You may not realize how often you walk around the house without support on your feet. Wearing some type of slippers indoors can help relieve some of the soreness too!

Try these slippers from Amazon! 

4. Muscle & foot roller

Round ligament pain anyone? 

Sciatica pain?

Sore calfs from cramping? 

Aching back and hips? 

Pinched nerves? 

If so, let me introduce you to your new personal “masseuse” …sorta. 

It may feel like a LOVE-HATE relationship at first, but WOW these foam and muscle rollers can be so helpful! I’ve experienced such relief when using these. They honestly help loosen up the knots and soreness that pregnancy brings, but can also be painful or difficult to use at times. 

Just think of it as a deep tissue massage and you know exactly where those knots are. SO, intentionally pressing those spots may not feel the best, but the relief after makes it so worth it! I promise! 

See links below! (for purchase)

Medium Dentisty Foam Roller

Muscle Roller Stick

5. Heating Pad

I think most pregnant mamas would agree they could use a heating pad on their lower back. With with weight of your growing belly, it’s difficult to keep your abdomen strong enough to support your lower back.. and thanks to the hormone relaxin, your joints and muscles are being loosened to make more room for the baby. Your body’s CHANGING dramatically, making these aches and pains are inevitable. So get yourself a heating pad for a little soothing relief! 

See links below! (for purchase)

Pure Enrichment 

Sunbeam Heating Pad 


6. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are most commonly used for fitness, yoga and stretching, but, they can also be used during pregnancy (and labor) to best prepare your body for that final moment you’ve been waiting for! This can be used throughout your whole pregnancy, but is especially useful in the third trimester. There are pregnancy specific stretches and workouts, which should be done properly for best results. Check out How a birthing ball can help pregnancy, labor and beyond, from, for more information! 

See link below! (for purchase)

Exercise Ball


Reusable Water Bottles/Cups- It’s SO important to stay hydrated during pregnancy. I keep one on hand wherever I go!

Foot Massager- Who wouldn’t want one of these? My feet & calves appreciated it.

Stretch Mark Lotion/Oil- Helps prevent stretch marks and hydrates skin. (I use Vitamin E lotion & Coco Butter) 

Panty Liners- Be prepared for extra discharge during pregnancy. It’s completely normal!

Maternity Undies- Just do yourself a favor and buy what’s comfortable for you.  

All the Snacks- If you’re nauseous or just hungry all the time, snacks will be your best friend. Plus, it keeps your metabolism going strong! 


Sharing is caring. What are your must-have pregnancy items? Leave a comment below!

♥ Jax