5 Tips For Making the Most of Your Uncomfortable Pregnancy

5 Tips For Making the Most of Your Uncomfortable Pregnancy

“Pregnancy is easy”said no mom ever (well maybe some, but I haven’t met them). Although your body is doing the most incredible thing ever, it coincides with nausea, back aches, heart burn, round ligament pain, swollen hands & feet, headaches, exhaustion, constipation…okay I’ll stop, but the list goes on right? 

“Simply put, pregnancy HURTS. And it’s quite uncomfortable, most of the time. I think most would agree it’s a love-hate relationship (or at least they will in those last 4 weeks).

Growing, birthing and nursing a tiny human is the ultimate challenge for your body (and also pretty badass). Oh, and don’t forget the amazing recovery postpartum. I mean come on? Think about every little detail that goes into that process… WOW! 

However, as incredible as it is, it’s hard not to get caught up in the aches and pains of it all, or ponder on the things we’re missing out on (mostly wine and sushi- who’s with me?). 

My Personal Experiences

Pregnancy definitely has had its ups and downs. I never understood other moms that say they absolutely LOVE being pregnant, because… eh, it’s pretty rough sometimes. 

My body just aches.

Don’t get me wrong, I love aspects of being pregnant. Feeling baby kick, hearing the heartbeat and knowing what your body is creating, is truly remarkable! But I also feel like one waddling, hot mess mamma most of the time. 

I can’t sleep through a night without peeing or having to roll over because my hips are on fire. My digestive system is just not fun to deal with. Headaches are brutal. Round ligament pain has prevented me to do a lot of my workouts and other usual activities. Hemmoroids are self explanatory.. Oh, and lucky me, I’ve had to endure the overwhelming and incurable itch of Pupps Rash. No. Thank. You. (I’ll talk more about this on a separate post)

Anyways (rant over), despite the hardships and yes, tears, I’ve learned how to change my entire outlook on the 9-month journey and make it a more a positive experience. 

Read the steps below to reset your viewpoint on pregnancy during the painful, uncomfortable, and extra hormonal days. 

1. Treat Yourself

*Highly recommended. You need to do something for yourself! Whatever makes you feel good, comfortable, rested, refreshed, excited, etc.! 

  • Go get your favorite coffee, meal, or dessert.
  • Get mani/pedi, facial, or prenatal massage.
  • Watch your favorite movie.
  • Go shopping… Or do some online shopping (buy a new maternity outfit for yourself!)
  • Take a bath. (add essential oils, light some candles, and put on relaxing music to make it complete!)
  • Take a day off work to do something you love- or spend it with your favorite person.
  • If you need more ideas, I’ve got ’em!

Sometimes you just need to refresh and regroup to make yourself feel good. You deserve it mama! Your body’s working overtime, it’s changing dramatically, and you’re probably exhausted beyond belief. And if you have kids already, just double that exhaustion. 

Take a little time for yourself here and there and you’ll see how much better you feel!

2. Enjoy the Little Milestones

Think back to the first moment you saw that positive pregnancy test and the emotions you felt. 

Disbelief. Joy. Fear. Excitement. 

Then the first time you heard baby’s heartbeat. Like music to the ears! 

During your pregnancy, there’s tons of milestones to look forward to! Finding out the gender, feeling baby kick for the first time, picking a name, your baby shower, decorating the nursery, and even just collecting new baby items can be super exciting! 

Then there’s your growing baby AND your growing belly. Have fun with it! Take weekly baby bump pictures (or as much as you can) to see the progress. 

There’s also a ton of apps out there that tracks pregnancy week by week (I use Glow Nurture and What to Expect). I always looked forward to reading about how big baby was and what new development or “milestone” they reached that week. 

Enjoy the journey. One day, you will miss it. 

3. Look at the Big Picture

After three pregnancies, I know that these 9 months can seem like an eternity at times. It can seem extra-long during the third trimester for a few reasons. 

1. You feel large and in charge! And things like tying your shoes or shaving your legs will seem like a mission to Mars.

2. You’re very anxious about when labor will start, what it will feel like, and how it’s all gonna go down. 

3. You’re SO excited to meet your little one!

But, how many times have you heard people say, time flies? Umm.. A LOT. In reality, when it’s all said and done, you’ll say it too. These 9 months are really just a short period of time in your child’s life (and yours). 

When that moment does finally come and you get to hold that sweet babe, you’ll realize how fast it all went by. Then before you know it, you’ll be celebrating their first birthday, then teaching them to ride a bike, or drive a car, (cue tears) etc… 

The big picture is being able to realize that life, and all the little moments within, is one incredible journey. It’s a process that’s ongoing and ever-changing. 

Alter your viewpoint and you’ll appreciate more of life’s little chapters.

4. Reflect What Your Body is Doing

Your body is a POWERHOUSE right now. It’s creating a little LIFE. 

Literally giving your child nutrition from what you eat, oxygen that you breathe, and using your organs to supply baby’s every need. It’s stretching and loosening joints to make space and prepare for labor (eventually). I’d say that’s hard work!

Yes, the aches, pains, and hormones can cloud that, but in reality, the process is mind-blowing. You should feel so empowered! 

Feel baby move? That is a GIFT. See your body change? OWN IT. Those new stretch marks (or what I like to call-tiger stripes) are battle scars mama. And they’ll remind you about what you’re body did! 

SO many women long to carry a child in their womb, but may not have the opportunity. They would do anything to feel what you feel. Or experience what you are right now.

They would long to feel those baby kicks and wiggles, as well as to have that adorable preggo belly. It really is something so special. You get to create an indescribable bond with your child before even meeting them. 

Appreciate it. 

Treasure it. 

And know that you are blessed!


5. Slow Down and Get to Know Your Baby

Being pregnant will force you to slow down physically. It takes time to ADAPT to your new lifestyle. 

But guess what? It’s okay to slow down! Plus, it’s the perfect time to get to know your baby!

Study your ultrasound pictures. Imagine what they’ll look like. Who’s nose, eyes, or smile will they have when you meet them face to face? 

Track their activity level. Do they react to something you’ve eaten? Light? Ice water? Dad’s voice? Music? Touch? Are they night owls? ETC!

These can all be fun things to remember about them and they could even be indicators as to how they’ll be outside the womb! 


Ground yourself in these few techniques to make the most of your pregnancy. It’s made a huge difference for me personally, especially on the more difficult or long days (and nights). Once you hold that sweet babe in your arms it’ll feel like it all went by in a blink of an eye. And they’re worth every stretch mark, sleepless night, and pain you suffered through. It’s an incredible journey to create life. Cherish this season!

♥ Jax